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Center Of Excellence for Biomedicine

The King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) has embarked onto a collaborative research agreement with Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). A “KACST-BWH/Harvard Center of Excellence for Biomedicine-CEBM” is established at KACST and BWH, which will allow faculty from both institutions to work on several multidisciplinary projects that are focused on stem cell therapeutics in different disease models, innovative platforms in nanomedicine and molecular mechanisms underlying neurological disorders. KACST is an independent scientific city, whose objectives are to create scientific research programs for development in the Kingdom; foster scientific researches and develop and enhance various research programs between the Kingdom and international scientific institutions for the purpose of keeping abreast of scientific advances. BWH is the affiliated teaching hospital of Harvard medical school, and the labs of CEBM are conveniently located in the Building for Transformative Medicine (BTM), in the heart of the Harvard medical campus. The BTM is one of the most technologically sophisticated research and patient care facilities in the world. It provides patients with a level of convenience unavailable at other area institutions, while at the same time gathering growing community of scientists, technicians and students under the same roof.

Featured Projects

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Accelerated NanoMedical Innovation

Phase 1: Activated hepatic stellate cells (HSC)-targeted elastic nanoparticles for prevention of liver fibrosis : Liver fibrosis and its end stage disease cirrhosis are a major cause ...

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Modulation Of Sphingolipid Metabolism Arrest Neurodegeneration

Several lines of evidence suggest that sphingolipid metabolism controls CNS innate immune mechanisms that drive neurodegeneration ...

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Stem Cell Therapeutic and Imaging

Results from different studies have shown that stem cells including neural and mesenchymal stem cells have the ability to home and migrate toward the tumour site.

Recent Events

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2nd BWH -KACST workshop titled "Center of Excellence for Biomedicine"

  26 February 2018

This 2nd symposium aims at formulating research and training plans among investigators from ...

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1st BWH -KACST Workshop Titled "Novel Advances In Biomedicine"

  12 September 2017

This symposium aims at bringing investigators from both KACST and BWH to a single platform ...