Ali Alhasan


Center of Excellence for Biomedicine

Dr. Ali H. Alhasan is a nanoscientist with research interests in nanomedicine. He is an Assistant Research Professor at King Abdualziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), the co-director of the KACST-BWH/Harvard center of excellence for biomedicine a principal investigator of the nanomedicine research group, and an adjunct assistant professor at Alfaisal University. He completed his PhD studies in the laboratory of Professor Chad Mirkin at Northwestern University. Then, he joined the Center of Excellence in Nanomedicine (CENM) as the director of strategic initiatives, and the laboratory of Professor Adah Almutairi at University of California-San Diego as a postdoctoral researcher.

His research focuses on the biochemical properties of nanoconjugates and the interaction of such structures with biological moieties in a cellular environment in order to develop rationally designed non-viral drug delivery nano-platforms. He has published papers on his advances in biological diagnostics, gene therapy, and nano-drug delivery in high impact journals like PNAS, ACS Nano, JACS, Small, Scientific Reports, and Analytical Chemistry.

He is a co-inventor of the Nano-metric microRNA profiler (Scano-miR) and co-developed the Nano-Lipo product. He has been the recipient of recognitions including the International Institute for Nanotechnology Outstanding Researcher, a Kemin outstanding researcher, and a King Abdullah Scholarship.