Mohannad Fallatah

Principal Investigator

Center of Excellence for Biomedicine

Dr.Mohannad is an assistant professor in cancer immunotherapy within the National Center for Stem Cells at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. Dr.Fallatah obtained his BSc in microbiology from King Saud university (Saudi Arabia) in 2005, followed by MSc in biotechnology from RMIT university (Australia) 2010, and then he accomplished his PhD in 2016 studying combination of immune stimulatory strategies to promote anti-tumour immunity under the supervision of Prof. Aymen Al-Shamkhani in the medical school at Southampton university (United Kingdom). As an immunologist Dr.Fallatah is fascinated by how our immune system particularly T cells can protect us agains infections and combat cancer. However, cancer cells utilize various mechanisms to evade immune cells recognition and suppress activated T cells. This has led Dr.Fallatah to focus on developing new immunization strategies for enhanced antitumor immune responses. Meanwhile, his interest in stem cells as powerful tools in cancer and disease treatment is increasing over time. Therefore, his future work will involve adult stem cells as well as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) technology for imaging, engineering stem cells to specifically kill cancer cells and associated endothelial cells, develop immunomodulatory stem cells for cancer treatment.